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Nissan Mechanics & Car Repair Service
Finding a reliable place to service and repair your Nissan is important. Below is a complete list of local garages, which includes dealers and national chains that offer Nissan car repair services. Choose a state below to view listings of Nissan mechanics and auto repair service shops in your area. Contact each one to compare repair price quotes, service, and more.
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Nissan Repair Service Advice
How to Choose a Great Auto Mechanic
Look for an Nissan car repair shop before you need one and consider the following important factors:

Reputation: Ask friends or family members to recommend Nissan mechanics or repair shops that they like and trust. The local Better Business Bureau will give you information on whether complaints have been filed against a specific Nissan service shop, the total number and whether or not they have been resolved.

Nissan Mechanic Qualifications: Ask the service manager if the shop's mechanics have been certified by Nissan or a professional organization, such as Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and in which areas they have been certified, such as brakes, electrical, etc. Look for Nissan mechanics with good training and credentials, updated knowledge and skill, proper tools and equipment and experience working on your particular model automobile.

Warranty: If your Nissan is covered by warranty, be certain that the facility you select is authorized to perform Nissan repairs under the warranty. Work done by an unauthorized Nissan repair shop may void you warranty and be costly to you.

Appearance of Service Area: The work area should be clean, well lit, organized and stocked with modern equipment and professional quality tools.

Customer Service: Ask if the Nissan repair shop provides the customer services you desire, such as transportation to and from work while repair work is being done, a loaner car, evening and weekend hours or a discount for work done on Sunday.

Nissan Car Repair Pricing: The cost for the same repair may vary greatly from one shop to another. If you know what type of work is needed, ask several Nissan service shops for a written estimate.

What should you review when repairs are complete?

• Carefully review the completed invoice before you pay the bill to be certain that all requested work was done, and ask for an explanation of any changes or discrepancies.

• Request a written warranty or guarantee, if applicable, and know what it covers.

• Ask for all replaced parts and save them until you are sure that the Nissan car repairs are satisfactory.

• Inspect and/or test drive the car in the parking lot or on the highway, if that is where prior symptoms arose, to make sure the problem has been corrected.

• If possible, pay for Nissan car repairs with a credit card since, under certain conditions, you can withhold payment if the repairs were not done correctly.

• Bring any Nissan repair service problem to the shop's attention as soon as possible, and give them a chance to correct any deficiencies.

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